ARDC Recommends Suspension of Lawyer Due to His Repeated Failure to Attend Court Hearings

Under Rule 1.3 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys have a duty to act with reasonable diligence in the representation of their clients.  It should go without being said; but, once an attorney files their appearance in a matter, they must attend the hearings that are set for the case.  Recently, the ARDC Hearing Board considered whether an attorney committed professional misconduct by neglecting to appear in over six court hearings in an eviction defense case that he was handling.

As a result of the attorney’s failure to diligently defend the case, the ARDC sent the attorney an inquiry letter and subpoena.  The attorney then made a critical mistake in how to handle ethic’s complaints by behaving like an ostrich and ignoring the inquiry and subpoena.  Due to his silence in the proceedings, the ARDC Board recommended that the attorney be suspended for a year and until further order of the Court.

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