Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder disputes can arise for an assortment of reasons.  Whether it be due to corporate waste, majority shareholder oppression, a freeze-out, succession planning, illegal action, or deadlock on major business decisions.  If these issues are not resolved, the business and the shareholders’ interests are both negatively affected. 

In Illinois and Indiana, the directors and officers of a corporation have a duty to act in good faith to the benefit of the business.  They have fiduciary responsibilities and must refrain from using their position in the company for personal benefit at the expense of the entity.  They must act fairly, honestly, and transparently with the corporation and their fellow shareholders.

I have experience and success in handling LLC, shareholder, and partnership disputes in Illinois and Indiana.  When litigating these disputes, I appreciate that these types of disputes involve both business and legal considerations.  While I take an aggressive approach, I understand that a quick and efficient resolution is typically in the best interests of the parties involved and the business.    


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